Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Revision updates and Prop 30 outcome

Apologies for missing a post last week.  I dove deep into revisions after starting the rewrite of the Book of Doom, and it completely slipped my mind!  I'm just over 10% through now, and moving a little more quickly than I had anticipated given the scope of my project.  I'm sure that pace will slow a bit when I get to even trickier parts, or when I go back to write a few new scenes to fill in some world-building. 

It's an interesting experience.  Lots of valid criticism, much of which I already anticipated/knew about before giving the book to my beta.  It probably would have been better for both of us if I'd just done a more extensive round of revisions first!  A few instances where that beta read way more between the lines than anyone else ever would, followed by a few where she didn't do so at all.  I don't blame her for any of this because, as I've often said, the book is a confusing mess of abandoned subplots, inconsistent characterization because of little pre-planning, and so on.  The contrast is just amusing sometimes.  It's also a bit surreal to see how much my writing has changed in a year and a half.  I don't think I'd make a lot of the same choices today, no matter how stressed or experimental I was feeling.  My whole method of outlining has changed, too, and I think it's helped me make characters less wishy-washy; I think ahead to plan how they would react to plot events, rather than only planning the events.

Doing this after revising a few short stories is provoking some serious insight into the differences of story structure between short and long form stories, though.  They're nothing too innovative, I'm sure, but I think I'm coming to a better understanding of the short form and how to apply some of the principles of conciseness to novels.  

Anyway!  I don't like to get very political on the Internet, preferring instead to save those types of conversations for personal interactions with people I can trust to be reasonable, even if their opinions differ from mine.  But I will say that I am SO glad Prop. 30 passed in California!  As someone who works in an academic library, I'm very invested in educational issues.  I don't think Prop. 30 will fix everything, obviously.  I don't even know if it will fix enough.  Probably not.  But I do know that all of the schools in this state would be far more screwed next year if it had not passed.  It looked like it was failing early last night, but then support steadily crept upward and I was able to go to bed happy and relieved.  Thank you to everyone who voted to support our schools.

Actually, thank you to everyone who voted.  You did your civic duty. :-)

As trivial as this may sound, I'm also very curious to see what our new flag will look like if Congress approves Puerto Rico's statehood!  We haven't added any states in my lifetime.  It's exciting!


JJ said...

I VOTED YES. Ps, I like you and I miss you.

Kristin Laughtin said...

I like you as well (and probably would even if you hadn't voted yes...well, maybe) and miss you, too. Are you going to be there on Sunday?